G-Major (Taiwan/Taipei)

G Major Chorus The first gay chorus legally registered in Taiwan.


Established in 2001, G major is enjoying its glorious 18th year. Our members come from all disciplines of professions; though mostly not music major, everyone joined on their enthusiasm and passion for singing.


Our music spans a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from classical, sacred, fold, gospel, jazz to musical.


We also attempt to integrate acting and dancing into our singing and express our opinions on current gay-related social and humanities topics through our performance.


We hold regular charity concerts to raise funds for gay friendly groups; we are also frequently invited to sing at school clubs, nursing homes and public welfare organizations.


Our vision is to spread love and happiness to every corner of the community with our passionate singing, lively performance and beautiful music.


〈G Major Chorus〉は、台湾で初めて正式に届出されたゲイコーラス団体です。2001年に設立し、今年18周年を迎えます。


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