G_Voice is the one and only (almost) openly gay men's chorus in South Korea. As a small club in Chingusai, Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group, G_Voice had organized in 2003. Now with around 30 gay+ men singing together, they have been many places those need in voices.


G_Voice's main objectives are (a) achieving self-empowerment through singing, and (b) advocating LGBT+ and other minorities human rights. They believe music have a power that can make change. It can be a change from inside. it can help someone accept themselves and change for the better. Furthermore, it can change society. Music that bring people’s own voices can shape this world to be more acceptable, inclusive, and loving. In the belief, over 15 years, they have written many music themselves, and told the people their life and love with their own voices. Their songs cover various slices of gay men’s life, from the feeling of one’s “debut” on the scene to the ordeal of being “fat and fem.” Sometimes they meant to be sung for themselves, and sometimes, for people throwing their feces at them. 


They have annual concert around October in Seoul. At this year's performance, they broaden their boundary over other social minorities like disabled and immigrants and sang together against hate and discrimination. In rapidly-changing South Korean society, path to equal gay rights faces different obstacles every time. Their concert reflects the ever-changing troubles and does not hesitate to tell the audience of their viewpoint, in addition to be adorable and cute. They gather every Sunday in the 3rd Avenue Jongno, gay street in Seoul. All being amateur, anyone who wants to sing, and has passion could be with G_Voice.





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