Choirboys was established in 1992 to share the chance of choral activity and intercommunication. It is the largest and oldest gay choir, 70 members belong to, in Japan. We have 2 or 3 times of practice meeting in a month for the regular concert held in October to December. We also participate in and manage "Prelude", the musical festival held in summer, with other LGBT musical groups like choirs, wind orchestra, string orchestra and Okinawa's traditional dance "eisaa". The genre of songs we play has variety but Japanese classical choral songs and Japanese pops are selected usually. In Hand in Hand 2019, we play 3 songs. 1st one is "Kamome ga Tonda Hi". This is the song of Japanese diva, Machiko Watanabe. And it is so popular especially among Japanese gay men. We present it with chorus and dance. 2nd one is "Yagi-bushi". This is the Japanese folk song in Gunma prefecture and arranged by Japanese famous choral composer, Ko Matsushita. Please enjoy the sound of Japanese traditional male choir. 3rd one is the medley of our favorite worldwide famous songs, Don't Stop Me Now, Can't take my eyes off you and Dancing Queen. If you know these songs, please sing with us.



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