The Harmonics (China/Hong Kong)

The Harmonics is one of the first and few choirs in Hong Kong whose members identify as LGBTQ plus allies. This is in itself a milestone considering the conservative and polarizing views Hong Kong people have in general about LGBTQs. In a place where there is still no gender recognition law and same sex marriage, where until 1991 it was a crime to be gay, The Harmonics are among societies bravest voices and faces.
Formed in August 2015 by an all-male gay identifying members of the Out in HK group, The Harmonics has grown to include women and gender fluid members. There are about 65 members now comprising of the 5 major vocal sections, Basses, Baritones, Tenors, Altos and Sopranos. Since its inception, the choir has become a favorite in events co-presented by Community Business, Pink Dot, Pink Season and
HKLGFF among others.
All these string of activities and exposure has granted The Harmonics the buzz and following it now has not just among the queer community but to allies and perhaps curious listeners. The choir is made up of members who are working professionals, artists and students. Though most are locals, some members come from China,  Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, U.K. Australia, U.S.A. and its choir master
and musical director, Matthew Gillespie, from Chicago. Matthew is a member of Out in HK and is one of the original members of the choir. He’s also part of The Hong Kong singers and he is a drama teacher at Dramatic English. Alex See is the choir’s lead and main spokesperson. He is also part of Out in HK and the Gay Games committee which won for Hong Kong the bid to host the 2022 Gay Games, the world’s oldest and biggest LGBTQ sports event. Together, Alex and Matthew came to recruit members through auditions and networking in various Pink events. The choir has mastery in English, Cantonese and Mandarin songs from a varied repertoire of pop songs and show tunes (Broadway and West end musical songs) and will be introducing songs in Tagalog and French in the upcoming season. 

〈The Harmonics〉は、初めて香港にできたLGBTQとアライで構成する数少ない合唱団の一つです。香港の人々が一般的には、LGBTQに対して保守的で偏った視点で見ていることを考えると、設立自体がマイルストーンです。性別認識法や同性婚といった法律がまだ存在しておらず、1991年まで同性愛者であること自体が犯罪であった香港にあって、当合唱団は、社会の中における勇敢な声であり、顔です。〈The Harmonics〉は、2015年に結成された「the Out in HK group」を基にしています。その後、女性、不定性のメンバーの参加があり、現在約65名で活動しています。 メンバーは、大半が香港に住んでいますが、中国、シンガポール、マレーシア、フィリピン、カナダ、イギリス、オーストラリア、アメリカに住む団員もいます。合唱指導と音楽監督のマシューは、シカゴ出身です。