Unnie Choir / オンニ・クワイヤー



Unnie Choir is a musical ensemble consisting of non-married female singers who are avid supporters of feminism and sexual diversity.


"Unnie" is a Korean word for "an older sister" but it is often used to refer to someone close and to express intimacy between women.


As one of the groups of South Korean cultural feminist organization "Unninetwork", we perform in various events, especially in solidarity with the LGBT rights movement such as Korea Queer Culture Festival.


We have also successfully held an annual year-end concert ever since we were founded in 2011.

〈Unnie Choir〉はフェミニズムや性の多様性の促進を支援している未婚の女性で構成される合唱団です。 “Unnie(オンニ)”
います。 韓国の文化的フェミニスト団体 、“Unninetwork"の一員として特に『Korea Queer Culture Festival』など